Back from the Steampunk Symposium

symposium samples

We brought out our first tea samples to the International Steampunk Symposium this past weekend -this was our tea station. We had 2 to 4 (depending on your preferred strength of tea) cup sampler tins for purchase. We brought four flavor samples and our larger tins so everyone could get a good look and smell of the loose tea before picking out a sample. I’m happy to report the samples were scooped up before the end of the convention. The front runner was our Snapdragon Tea with the new Batnip Tea a close second. Orange Moon and the Butterfly Circus were close on the other’s heels giving them the tea eye. Sadly we had no absinthe tea for the convention because we, not so sadly, found our samples sold before they got a chance to get there.

This was a wonderful real time experience to see how the teas would be received. We’re delighted it went so well. So now we’re ready to get some more packaging done, get our product shots in order and begin selling them online. We’re also going to be taking up a few offers to bring our tea society to events for summer. And! We’ve got some wonderful donated items to add to our IndieGoGo campaign!