Snapdragon Tea

We are on a temporary regrouping at the moment. Life can get hectic and overwhelming at times and we know everyone can understand that. So we are taking a moment to catch our collective breath and better appreciate and address the wonderful response to our society and teas. We’re hoping to embrace the approaching summer and re-launch with our new teas and finished stories as the summer sun stops by to remind us how lovely being warm outside in nature can be! Remember to join our mailing list to receive our newsletter to stay current with us as we do that!

BOOK SYNOPSIS: Orange Moon Downs is a unique place. There is no main street quite like theirs. No collective of societies quite like what you’ll find there. Orange Moon Downs is that place tucked away on the edge of a person’s dreams that just happens to be true. Emily never thought she’d wake up one day to find herself moving away from everything she knew to be in this place. It started with a loss and then a long drive. It all came to an end at the Hathor Boarding House and her great aunt Emma at the outskirts of this strange place known as Orange Moon Downs. Now everything the young woman thought to be myths are proving themselves to be true.

The Orange Moon OracleSnapdragon Tea Chapter I: “Finally a sign pointed towards the house in the distance and labeled it as Hathor Boarding House. Beneath the big letters, in small print it read ‘Prospective tenants please note: Must bring with you joy and your favorite tea. Our occupants (dead and living) like stories. Our brownies like honey. Our bees like to whisper. And our remaining Jack o’ the bowl will see your room right if you leave him a bowl of cream at the end of the night. Beware of Quantum’erks.’ And very last was a small sign just above the boarding house one that simply said U.F.R.L. and directed visitors to go past the boarding house and then keep on walking.”

The Orange Moon Oracle Snapdragon Tea Chapter II: “Mab wanted to know how to get to the town but I wouldn’t hear of it in that weather. I brought her in and set her down in the kitchen and got some warm tea and food into her. I pretended not to notice as she sneaked little pieces of fruit under the wet hat she wouldn’t take off. I let her tell me the pedestrian version of her story as she warmed up. When she was done I think she finally realized she had come to an end point in her adventures. This hit her particularly hard. Mab broke down in tears. I let her have a good cry. I pretended to not see the little hand that came down from under the hat that started to softly smooth the woman’s eyebrow in an effort to comfort her.”

SNIPPETS: As mentioned above, aside from our young adult book there are numerous short stories that take place in the Orange Moon Downs universe. Most of the characters that are introduced through the book have their own written backstories and adventures that I’ve written about over the years. Currently my editor is polishing up these shorts and preparing them as a series of published anthologies. These are some snippets to read and hopefully entice readers to give the anthologies a look when they’re available.

The Tea Bats: “Is that bat… is that bat drinking tea?” Emily asked as she stared at the little creature dangling upside down over a very delicate tea cup. The woman of the bat emporium, Flora Von Tree, casually looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head. “Of course he is dear. It’s tea time and Tips is a gentleman first and a bat second. Would you care for a cup? It’s Batnip. Quite the rage around Orange Moon Downs these days.” meet our tea bats and batnip tea

Punchnersissky Punch: The Crinkle Society became a joke name; parlor humor born from a conversation at one of the end-of-the-century affairs. One of the founding members, and thus one of the oldest members, was sitting at a table of new comers. He was known for his rather dry sense of humor and he’d finally gotten to a point where his age was beginning to disagree with him. He said “We here are so old that there are no longer any slick names for us. Where once we were lush of skin and soft features, now we are dried out paper molds of our former selves. Our skin no longer glides over our bones like finally oiled leather. Our skin now crinkles like the stiffest of starched crinolines. These days we are the Crinkle Society; long in the tooth and powered by dried blood.”

Paper Doll Wars: Miss Emma came up and put her hand on Blue’s shoulder, a moment later the house actually rocked from something that had gone boom on the third floor. Miss Emma shook her head slowly. “I would have never thought paper-dolls could be such dastardly little creatures.” more

Cirque A Circa Stories: It was an incredible sight… I remember it well to this day: That young woman in her patchwork dress who walked towards us pulling a trunk along behind her. She stopped and opened it and withdrew the most unique miniature circus tent. She set the tent on the ground and opened it so we could see inside. From within her trunk she took out elegant little hoops and tiny trapeze. Very carefully she set these things within the open circus tent. Then she put a small whistle to her lips and the most magical thing happened: All manner of butterflies and moths poured fourth from her trunk and moved into the little circus tent. On that day this Mirabai Jasper introduced me to her butterfly circus. – our Butterfly Circus Tea was crafted on this Snapdragon Tea short story – tea info here

Introductions to Etta Diem: “It was like the fabled woman that hid behind the veil of the night needed to have her own space to belong to when the sun was keeping the shadows at bay. This place was like a whisper and breath of midnight no matter the hour of the day. Emily decided she liked it. It suited the shoppe-keep well…” more

Artames Moon: “Oh yes. A different name for every month of the year. This was how people in very old times kept track of their seasonal times. For those who lived here in those distant days they often called this the Milk Moon or the Full Flower Moon for this was the time when you’d see your spring flowers bringing color back into the world.” Miss Emma grew quiet for a moment as her thoughts traveled elsewhere. She looked towards the dense line of dark that was the start of the forest and a very old memory came to mind. “I once knew it by a different name though…” more

The Frightener’s Society: “The book was as beautiful as it was dark and haunting. It’s rather strange design suggested it was a handmade creation and most likely one of a kind. It was covered in a very rich material, with a collage of images on the front that almost looked like a shallow shadowbox. When looking at the book standing up it almost appeared to be an eclectic theater hosting a Halloween play and all manner of costumed and bewitched characters were taking part. At the very bottom of this scene were metal letters that spelled…” more

ABOUT: Snapdragon Tea are our tales; a writing project that has been near and dear to my heart for the last ten years. I began writing short stories here and there about my childhood imaginary friends and the world they lived in. For awhile I had a fictional blog on my personal website called Tea of the Day and it basically chronicled the misadventures of the people of Orange Moon Downs. Somewhere along the way I began writing the actual book Snapdragon Tea from my own perspective as a young teen. The premise of a person being taken from their mundane world and thrown into one that is more vivid and surreal is a rather common idea and yet one many of us long for. I adore those types of stories and wanted one of my own that invited people into my own particular brand of magical world. – Miss Blue