Little Star – A David Bowie Tribute

Nathaniel Johnstone and Dogwood. We just saw this live (this weekend) and it was… incredible! I don’t know what fairies we have to kidnap or what town elders we need to bribe (that should say… gently explain how wonderful this would be and oh! Here is you favorite personal tea…) but yes, please visit this link to support them. And speaking as the society member who was at their show… so incredible! (How wonderful are you musically to make wordy people say “incredible” and “support” so often?! Well look to this post! We’re doing it!) And we really do want you to support this wonderful group. There’s so much more than this. History, goddesses, a snugglefish! So much! Please check them out here: — so worth it!! Plus, you can help fund their new album for a few more days!! (Though even reading this after the fact, you can always support good music, so visit them!)