The Evil Gnomes are Everywhere!

The gnomes are just getting angrier it seems. For our regular visitors, you might remember that a skating rink floor hidden gnome brought down our Wormwood Queen when she was roller-skating with her young son many moons ago. Poor Kate had to have surgery on her ankle to repair the damage and spent many months recuperating and having to keep still; not something our busy busy tea-maker is interested in. Now it appears another crafty gnome living in a flight of stairs to the attic brought down our Miss Blue. Bethalynne took a tumble from the top of the stairs through the closed door at the body and buggered her poor head and body up pretty bad. As she stares down a schedule of orbital surgery for her face and much healing, she will not be online for awhile. Her eyes will need plenty of rest. So while our tales may have a short break while she gets better, the tea is still flowing and the blog is still updating. I hope you join us in sending her positive vibes.