Waiting for Spring

Spring Is coming, we PROMISE! In the meantime, there is a remedy for the impatience that can seep into our souls during this time of year…it’s TEA of course! But this time, we don’t want you to drink it, we want you to bathe in it.

Add some magic to your bathwater. Create a sachet of chamomile and some epsom salts. Make a nice big one and tie it over the faucet so as to let the hot bathwater pour through as you fill up your tub. Both ingredients are soothing, great for your skin and a fantastic de-stressor. Magically speaking, chamomile can be used to represent the sun, success, grounding and love.

Soak in this mixture as you let your negative thoughts go. Picture the stress, negativity, and any blockages leaving your body and go into the water. Then stay in the tub as it drains. Let everything drain out before you exit the tub. Then go brew yourself a nice cup of your favorite blend, wrap up in something soft and refill with goodness! You’ll be refreshed and ready for spring.