A Biased Convention Directory

There are so many people and shoppes to see here, but I have my own favorites. If you’re at the Symposium this year, many of the vendors are located in suites and tucked away here and there. These are some of my favorites.

Picklepot: I just met jewelry maker Jen and she is an instant friend (we both have sailor mouths for days!) Her work is gorgeous! Photo sample of one of my purchases below. Everything is handmade and high quality. She is next door to us in Hall E.

Drunken Cherry: Baker Anna is next to us for Saturday only, also in Hall E. Oh my… boozy shmores is what she’s offering next to us. She has these incredible alcohol infused marshmallows. I sampled the strawberry champagne marshmallow and had a critical oh…. mah…. gawd moment. Delicious stuff. She’s not here for long, but she offers all her treats online.

Spectra Nova: Sarah has been my friend forever. She makes wonderful steampunk themed jewelry, but also offers up a huge variety of trinkets and jewelry supplies for making your own. Check out her lovely corset chains, which work well with jeans and jackets when you’re not in your best neo Victorian garb day to day. Sarah is in suite 125 in Hall A – Victoria Market. She’s a little harder to find. Hall A is just off of the front area of the hotel and you will find her at the end of the hall.

Blonde Swan: You just haven’t had the full convention experience if you haven’t drooled over the handmade leather hats of Blonde Swan. And shoppe owner and artist Elisabeth has more character in one of her pinkies than most people accumulate over their entire lives. She is in suite 134 in Hall D.

Altered History/Milwaukee Candle & Apothecary: These ladies make the best soy candles that last forever! My current favorite is Eucalyptus and Mint. They’re right next to Sepctra Nova in suite 123 in Hall A. I just got back from visiting them and they have beautiful handmade spirit boards this year. If you came in during our very inappropriate conversation I apologize. I’m pretty sure there are weird, invisible convention fairies that put strange topics into people’s minds.