Absinthe Sorbet


Sometimes it’s hard to think of hot tea in the summertime. At Orange Moon however, we don’t limit our tea to drinking hot, or cold, or limit it at all for that matter. For instance, our Wormwood Queen has turned her family’s Absinthe Tea recipe into a tastey sorbet. Would you like to try it? Here’s the recipe!

2 c water
1 1/3C sugar
Juice of one orange and one lemon
1 1/2 T Mere Henriot’s Elixir
Absinthe for drizzling

Blend 1C water and the sugar over a low flame for 10 minutes. Infuse the absinthe tea in the syrup. Cool, strain the tea, add the orange and lemon juice, and the remaining 25 cl of water. Freeze. Drizzle with absinthe just prior to serving.