Pagona Talbot

Orange Moon Tea Society FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Pagona Talbot, nicknamed Poppy, is the daughter of the infamous alchemist David Talbot. She is rumored to be the child of a torrid affair between David and one of the last selkies to live in the waters around Orange Moon Downs. She was a precocious child with an unnatural skill with plants and insects. As an adult she became locally famous for her spells, charms, and strange assortment of punches. Her most famous drink–Punchnersissky Punch–is notable for how it glows and causes the tummy of anyone who drinks it to glow. The rumor is she milks fireflies to gain that glowing property. For many years she’s kept a diary about the strange and extraordinary things that take place in her secluded corner of the world. She is featured in the Snapdragon Tea novelette The Glowing Moon, which follows the events of her father’s over the top Thousand Year Ball that takes place during a full lunar eclipse. Her current project is This Day in Tea, which chronicles interesting moments in time that are highlighted by a good cup of tea.

SOCIETY GAL: Pagona acts as the webmistress for our Society’s website and covers our inbox. It should be noted that the online version of Pagona has a bit of a split personality as we have a few people who help keep our site updated and when doing so, put on the Pagona hat and channel this punch making lass. 🙂