Hathor Boarding House

Orange Moon Tea Society - Tea Bat Prints If you’re on a unspoken mission, chasing ghosts, or simply lost, you might find yourself drawn to the Hathor Boarding House on the outskirts of Orange Moon Downs. The house was built on secrets, it’s true purpose long ago forced to be hidden. These days a very old Miss Emma continues on with the work of her family to keep its doors open to those who need to find sanctuary there. If you follow a random road that just feels right, you probably found this place because it was were you were meant to be. Don’t worry though, you’re in good company.

“Eventually a large, Victorian style house became visible in the distance. Even from this far away it was a beautiful example of creative construction, like one of those remarkable places that she used to read about in the travel magazines her father bought her to read along the road. There were rounded towers along the back and a series of open and glassed in porches circling both the first and second floors. There were peaks and stained glass windows. It was an atypical design even though it was clearly Victorian. Someone with a better knowledge and vocabulary for the genre might have better words to describe it; Emily could only say she found it as beautiful as it was eclectic.

“The tall grass and wild flowers gave way to a neatly trimmed and rich green lawn of grass. As the road curved Emily could just make out what looked like an impressive sized greenhouse around the back of the Victorian house. To the right of both these structures was a massive weeping willow tree that almost looked like a sentinel guarding the house from the forest in the distance. The forest was tall and old looking and circled the property. It was like nature provided its own privacy wall around this place.

“The road curved back one more time and pointed them towards a square of land where a few cars were parked well away from the house. A large directional sign stood at the front of the parking space and offered different directions. At the top of the pole was a large sign declaring Auto resting place. Please leave your autos here for a snooze and walk to the house. House is allergic to auto fumes. Beneath this were pointer signs.

“At the bottom a sign pointed back and to the left and again mentioned Memories of Selkie Waters. Above this a sign pointed forward and to the left and showed brief instructions on how to get to Orange Moon Downs. Next up was a sign pointing to the right and made Emily giggle. It read: Enchanted Forest. Yep… we ain’t kidding. Enter at your own risk. The next sign pointed up and to the right directing them towards Talbot Estate and stressing private property.

“Finally a sign pointed towards the house in the distance and labeled it as: Hathor Boarding House. Beneath the big letters, in small print it read: Prospective tenants please note: Must bring with you joy and your favorite tea. Our occupants (dead and living) like stories. Our brownies like honey. Our bees like to whisper. And our remaining Jack o’ the bowl will see your room right if you leave him a bowl of cream at the end of the night. Beware of Quantum’erks.

From: Part I / Meeting Miss Emma