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We are on a temporary regrouping at the moment. Life can get hectic and overwhelming at times and we know everyone can understand that. So we are taking a moment to catch our collective breath and better appreciate and address the wonderful response to our society and teas. We’re hoping to embrace the approaching summer and re-launch with our new teas and finished stories as the summer sun stops by to remind us how lovely being warm outside in nature can be! Remember to join our mailing list to receive our newsletter to stay current with us as we do that!

So you may be wondering who we, the Orange Moon Tea Society, are? We are a circle of friends who like to come together and share creativity over a nice cup of tea. We’re artists, writers, crafters, and dreamers. We’re people who don’t want the wondrous and magical themes in life to only exist in the books we read or the works we create. We want that magic to be apart of every moment and aspect our of daily lives.

During one of our conversations over tea, the topic of Miss Blue’s Snapdragon Tea (a young adult novel she was working on) came up and a discussion began between her and the Wormwood Queen about how neat it would be to have an actual snapdragon tea to brew. The conversation blossomed from there and the idea of taking the society from the story and bringing it into our everyday world was explored. It would be a society where everyone added their own voice and a little bit of their creativity to it. We would become the makers of teas and the teller of tales and this is how the real Orange Moon Tea Society was born.

So what is Snapdragon Tea? It’s fiction authored by Bethalynne (a.k.a. Miss Blue) and based on the imaginary world she fluttered through all air fairy like as a child. Kate (a.k.a The Wormwood Queen), a kitchen witch of great skill, set to crafting a series of unique tea flavors that would be based upon the people and places in this imaginary world. From there their world began to expand in different ways as the creative ideas of both ladies came together and created new ideas. Since then the society has gotten a little bigger, they’ve had the pleasure of sharing their world at various events, and pieces of the Snapdragon Tea world have moved from the page to the real world in what we call artifacts.

So… who is the fictional Orange Moon Tea Society and all of these places and characters this is all based on? We’re glad you asked!

Within the Snapdragon Tea universe there is a place called Orange Moon Downs and within this place magic is very real, the miraculous is a daily occurrence, and quantum’erks the size of gnats can be found here and there to turn reality as you know it upside down should you bump into one of them. On the edges of this place a deceivingly old woman known by the simple name Miss Emma runs the Hathor Boarding House, a place where those in need of sanctuary or something that can’t be put into words find their way to. Readers are introduced to this place at the point where Emily, Miss Emma’s great niece, comes to stay with her. The world is explored through her eyes. From there it expands to a number of unique characters and different events.

The fictional Orange Moon Tea Society is a collective of Orange Moon Downs characters. They meet every Sunday at Azure Amaranth’s very old house where they enjoy a good tea and very strange conversations. They are a very unique and sometimes eccentric bunch. There is Pagona Talbot (me!), the daughter of an alchemist and a self proclaimed alchemwitch. The sisters Von Tree run a bat emporium on Orange Moon Downs main street and have trained bats who enjoy performing. There is Etta Diem and Minerva Mox, the only ladies in the society who are also members of the rival tea society the Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society. And the Wormwood Queen, who has a family recipe for absinthe tea that has been handed down through generations. They’re an interesting bunch.

The society you find here is not so different from the one you can read in our fiction. While we might have adopted the names of those fictional characters here, we’re very much like them in a lot of ways. We want the world to be filled with wonder, beauty, and lots and lots of tea. Through out site, stories, teas, and tea events we strive to help add that to the world.

You can easily navigate through our site to get the full experience of our tea society. Our blog offers this and that through the week to try and add a little spark to everyone’s day or share with our readers a recipe or two. You can find all of our teas here. The fiction our society is based on is conveniently all collected here for your reading pleasure. Snapdragon Tea is released chapter by chapter, as well as our This Day in Tea short stories and other snippets from this fictional world. Here and there you might see links to characters or events that are from our Orange Moon Tea Society Encyclopedia – this is a convenient way to be introduced to a character and such if you haven’t read the fiction. We have an events page with our upcoming outings or online events and a scrapbook of our previous ones. Our projects page highlights our artifacts that are either available or in the works. And finally, we have a gift shoppe with some very neat things that help us keep this little tea house running.

To the right you will see profiles for some of our society folk and some wonderful people or events we recommend. We’re always happy to welcome new people into our society. Come visit us on FB and get to know us or start a conversation. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you make our corner of the aetherwebs a regular stop!

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