The Urban Fairy Rescue League

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The Urban Fairy Rescue League

The U.F.R.L. is near and dear to our hearts given how fae oriented we are. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I grew up with fairies hanging out in my backyard and a whole host of fae I had to serve saucers of cream, flower petals, and other treats here and there to keep them happy. You can read more about our wonderful group in our stories. Here you will find all the fun things we offer to help support the U.F.R.L. Like, for example, fairies prints, a bunch of things with fun logos and art on them, and of course Mab’s wonderful flower pixie dolls. Even as Snapdragon Tea unfolds, the wonderful mundane who pens these tales has a whole series of dedicated U.F.R.L. stories to share very soon. Below are links and descriptions of what we have to offer.

All of Mab’s Pixies

Urban Fairy Rescue League - The Blue Girls The Urban Fairy Rescue League - The Owl Girls

U.F.R.L. Artwork

Littlest-Fairy Artwork by the Wormwood Queen
The history of the U.F.R.L.

“Mab’s car ran out of gas about a mile from the boarding house. She followed the dirt road until she hit our wild flower field. The flowers caused Pearl to urge Mab to keep going. By the time she was at my front door she’d walked a mile in the cold rain and was trying to very nonchalantly act like there wasn’t a fairy hiding underneath her hat trying to braid Queen Ann’s lace into her hair. She was a sight.

“Mab wanted to know how to get to the town but I wouldn’t hear of it in that weather. I brought her in and set her down in the kitchen and got some warm tea and food into her. I pretended not to notice as she sneaked little pieces of fruit under the wet hat she wouldn’t take off. I let her tell me the pedestrian version of her story as she warmed up. When she was done I think she finally realized she had come to an end point in her adventures. This hit her particularly hard. Mab broke down in tears. I let her have a good cry. I pretended to not see the little hand that came down from under the hat that started to softly smooth the woman’s eyebrow in an effort to comfort her.

“I put Mab up in one of my rooms and told her I wouldn’t hear any of her protests until she’d had a chance to take a bath and get a good nights rest. She was grateful, but I think it only added to how miserable she looked in the morning when I found her at the front door about to leave.

“’Walk with me’ I said to her. We walked around the house and through the gardens as I brought her to my greenhouse. Mind you, the greenhouse back then had been neglected for a year. It was just a glass house full of over grown plants and a simple tiled floor. So I made Mab an offer. I said ‘Miss Mab you need a roof over your head and I need my greenhouse brought back to order. You said you were a florist once upon a time with a pretty good green thumb so maybe you could help me out with that. You can stay in the room you spent the night in and I’ll keep your belly full and in return maybe you can work in my greenhouse. I think your little friend would enjoy living here.’”

Miss Emma smiled at the memory. “I remember how shocked she was when I said that. I remember how that little imp peaked out from underneath her hat smiling at me. This is how Mab and Pearl came to live here.”

Emily smiled. This was a nice story and she had seen what the greenhouse had become so she knew there was no bad ending anywhere in there. But she was still curious about one thing.

“Sigrid said Mab heals her peepers in the glass house. And the sign outside mentions the U.F.R.L. is in the greenhouse. What is that?”

“I thought that might be more apparent now?” Miss Emma said as she looked thoughtful. “Mab found Pearl and helped her and she realized that cities are a hard place for the bright fae to live. Only the dark fae seem to thrive there for the most part. Now that she was aware that mythology was not really a bunch of myths, she wanted to help others like Pearl. So she started the U.F.R.L. or the Urban Fairy Rescue League. She began it years ago and created a network all over. When a sick or struggling fae is found they’re brought here and she rehabilitates them in the greenhouse. When they’re whole again she offers them a home in the surrounding forest. We weren’t lying when we said the forest is enchanted. It’s quite like the forests of old… the forests that were written about in fairy tale times.”

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