The Orange Moon Oracle

We are on a temporary regrouping at the moment. Life can get hectic and overwhelming at times and we know everyone can understand that. So we are taking a moment to catch our collective breath and better appreciate and address the wonderful response to our society and teas. We’re hoping to embrace the approaching summer and re-launch with our new teas and finished stories as the summer sun stops by to remind us how lovely being warm outside in nature can be! Remember to join our mailing list to receive our newsletter to stay current with us as we do that!

“Azure Amaranth often liked to describe her tea society as stepping into a Mucha painting. While it was clearly familiar, it was still very surreal and magical. All the edges were elegant and soft. The colors were vivid and the lines delicate. And the subject matter was always beautiful and dreamy. This is how she felt when Sunday came along and she began preparing her home to welcome her tea society members over. She looked forward to sharing that time with other creatures that were much like her. Individuals who understood what it felt like to drift into a Mucha painting and call it home. This is what she thought of when she began her oracle project for the society.

Azure liked the idea of taking art from the past and adding her own creative style to it. It was as close as she could get to those who had so deeply influenced her. Her mentors were ghosts, long gone from this world, but their works continued to thrill and educate. She wanted to feel as though she were working along side of her mentors and together they were putting something familiar but different into the world. Mucha became her muse and unwitting collaborator as the ideas behind her oracle took shape. She saw a deck of cards that were vivid and bright and allowed a person to focus on them and let their thoughts roam.” – Azure’s Story

Our second deck project is The Orange Moon Oracle that comes from a short story about Azure Amaranth, the society member who hosts all the group’s Sunday teas. The deck takes Alphonso Mucha paintings and reworks them into new designs in collage fashion. While they look familiar, there are differences to them in the airbrushing used to make the ladies look slightly more comic style. This is a meditation oracle that is light on symbolism and meant for personal use. The deck is being created by Bethalynne. At the moment she’s not quite sure how many cards will be in the full deck and is smoothing out some areas in working with the deck. We’ll be sharing the rough draft of cards as they’re available. You can follow posts about this deck here and on Bethalynne’s card blog.

The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle
The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle The Orange Moon Oracle

Who was Azure? The society ladies often liked to say Azure was something like a sprite trapped within a woman’s body. She was colorful and cheery and always knew just the right way to approach an issue that needed delicate takling. Life for her was about beauty, art, and seeing the world with its dampening veil pulled to the side. She appreciated those things that made her stop and take a moment to truly think. She liked the way the world looked under a full moon. ” – from Snapdragon Tea