Our Projects

We are on a temporary regrouping at the moment. Life can get hectic and overwhelming at times and we know everyone can understand that. So we are taking a moment to catch our collective breath and better appreciate and address the wonderful response to our society and teas. We’re hoping to embrace the approaching summer and re-launch with our new teas and finished stories as the summer sun stops by to remind us how lovely being warm outside in nature can be! Remember to join our mailing list to receive our newsletter to stay current with us as we do that!

You’ve been introduced to our teas and our tales. Now we’d like to introduce you to some of our current related projects: Within the Snapdragon Tea stories there are items we’re pulling from the pages and bringing into this world. We like to refer to them as artifacts. Below are links to our currently available artifacts and those we’re working on. We also have a few one off items we’ve created that you can find in our gift shoppe.

  • The Society’s Tea Bats

    • Along the main street of Orange Moon Downs you’ll find an interesting little place founded by the sisters Von Tree: Flora, Velma and Fay. This is a quaint little place devoted to the knowledge and understanding of bats known as the Bat Emporium. Above the door of their emporium is a Mad Hatter quote about bats and tea and the sisters three decided this was a wonderful theme and thus the Tea Bats were born. Meet our tea bats and learn bat-tea-centric Lenormand deck. And they would always have you remember we are all bat-tea here!


  • The Urban Fairy Rescue League

    • At the back of Miss Emma’s boarding house is a very large green house that plays home to several special creatures in need of help: The Fae. The Urban Fairy Rescue League is there to seek out the fae who are struggling in ever expanding cities and urban centers. The UFRL offer to take these fae back to Mab and her green house and give them a place to get their energies back. Afterwards they’re offered sanctuary in the enchanted forest that surrounds the boarding house. You can learn more about the league, see our UFRL things and even see a gallery of Mab’s handmade flower pixies modeled after those she’s helped rehab.


  • The Orange Moon Oracle

    • Azure Amaranth was named for her mother’s love of brilliant colors. She would adopt her mother’s love of color, art, as well as several other of her passions. These passions led to her desire to blend them all together into one special project to be shared with her tea society friends. This is how she began work on her Orange Moon Oracle. The OMO is a new project and you can learn more about it and watch its creation here.